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Beth Woolley

K. Beth Woolley, Principal

Helps organizations fulfill their business ambitions through brand strategy and communications that reach and engage. I have a knack for getting to the heart of things and quickly figuring out the best path forward. My mission is to make companies sound as smart as they really are so they impress the heck out of the right people.

Lessons zealously applied

  1. If you want people to listen and hear you—meet them where they are. Anything short of facing your audience on their terms is wasted breath.
  2. Give people sufficient, meaningful motivation + an easy path and they will take action.
  3. Want to be known for something? Reinforce who you are in every communication.
  4. Start with a clear brand promise and 1-3 are much easier!

Relevant facts and quirks

  • Consulting, leading projects and winning business since 2004, including 7+ years for a brand strategy firm
  • Expertise in business services, healthcare, government and nonprofits
  • Experienced with organizations of all sizes
  • Great at getting shy people to offer their thoughts in facilitated sessions
  • Comfortable working solo and as part of your team
  • Customer service is at the center of my entire work life, including restaurant, retail and management roles
  • 18 years in the human services industry, including community relations, marketing, and direct service roles
  • Psychology degree often comes in handy
  • Recruited to organize new roles and processes for 4 different organizations
  • I like to try new things that make sense and shy away from the “buzz of the day”
  • Contributed social brand relationship model diagram and other heady ideas to Create A Brand That Inspires: How to Sell, Organize and Sustain Internal Branding, A Best Practice Study
  • “K” is for Kathryn, my legal first name. If you call me that, I’ll think I’m in trouble.

Partners: the creative geniuses I collaborate with

Deep Dish Creative, Web, Graphic, Social Media
Lori Andrusky, Art Director
P2 Graphic Design
Tiny Stars Creative
Walsh Design, Visual Branding