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Contractor Hotline connects homeowners with vetted contractors for remodels and repairs, large and small. Throughout Washington’s 2-1/2 month stay-home order, owner Cari Barron stayed in touch with her contractors—calling and emailing to check in. Homeowner referrals initially dropped off, but the more time people spent in their homes, the more people felt compelled to plan for home improvements and needed repairs.

By staying in touch with contractors, Cari was able to keep Contractor Hotline up to date on available service providers, what safety precautions each company takes and provide her partners with business during a very tough time.

The result? Contractor Hotline’s customers had access to contractors that weren’t necessarily answering the phones. Cari increased her company’s value in the minds of customers and partners. As restrictions ease, Contractor Hotline is busy and well ahead of many service providers who are just starting to ramp up.

Timely, direct behind-the-scenes communication. A great way to earn loyalty, stay ahead of the competition and build brand value!

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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