Brand Uplifts

Challenge #1

How did internationally renowned education company The 2 Sisters expand core services and innovate during a time of high demand?

bdub relations’ strategy: Developed a brand promise, in collaboration with company leaders, reflecting the company’s values and what excites customers most about their approach and services. Created brand strategies for keeping all parts of the organization focused on the most relevant ways to support educator success. Created marketing and measurement programs, helping The 2 Sisters stay on top of customer trends.

Result: Data-informed decision-making based on a deep understanding of what customers value and respond to. New products and services addressing educators’ needs related to role and career stage. More support for customers via community relations and outreach.

Challenge #2

With real estate stocks dwindling, this commercial broker wanted her company to stand tall among larger competitors.

bdub relations strategy: Created a brand promise reflecting customers’ deep appreciation for Bradley Commercial Real Estate’s success formula. Identified primary messages for each customer segment based on the company’s brand difference.

Result: Website and marketing materials earning more prospect inquiries. Team, including new employees, are unified in delivering the company’s ideal customer experience.