What do you need?

Strategic partner
to create and implement business-critical initiatives

  • Brand development
  • Culture building
  • Message development
  • Marketing and employee communications
Implementation whiz
to jump in and get to work on your existing project

  • Content development for web and social media
  • Marketing and informational materials
  • Articles & white papers
  • Writing of any kind


Strategy, planning, writing and project management vis-à-vis designers, website developers, PR folks and more.

Delivered as needed for individual projects.

Packaged together for bigger initiatives.

Growth Packages

Kick-start a new phase in your business

Designed with small-but-mighty organizations in mind.

Brand Development. Create a clear, well-defined promise that distinguishes you from the competition.

You get a Brand Promise statement and Key Messages, your drivers for business strategy and marketing.

  • Customer, partner and staff research
  • Competitor positioning review 
  • Marketing material and website review
  • Facilitated decision-making session on a Brand Promise and Key Messages drafted from analysis of all the above inputs 

Culture-building Program. Power your competitive advantage by creating the context for employees to do great work.

You get a plan and timetable for uplifting and sustaining your organization’s culture, so employees consistently deliver your ideal customer experience.

  • Hiring, training and engaging new staff
  • Day-to-day leadership and employee focus
  • Internal communications

Customer Experience Research. Learn how you can strengthen your market position.

You get a report on the strength of your brand, what customers value most and the role you play in their lives.

  • Telephone and/or online interviews of customers and other external stakeholders
  • Tailored to include products and services, in addition to the organization as a whole, if desired

Marketing Program. Take the guesswork out of your next move.

You get a document with activities and timelines tied to specific business strategies, tailored to your bandwidth. 

  • Marketing material and website review
  • Interviews of key staff regarding business and marketing goals

Online Brand Impact Assessment.  How to deepen your connection with customers.

You get specific to-dos presented in a 30-minute review meeting plus a write-up.

  • Website review
  • Social media review: Up to three venues where your business posts content
  • Completed from customer point of view

Website Refresh. Update and smarten up your website to reflect your unique value.

You get a detailed script—with text, image recommendations and clear formatting directions—to hand off to your developer. 

  • Marketing material and website review
  • Interviews of key staff regarding website and business goals, and content needs