What would you give to build a dream team? A Help Wanted ad that’s also great advice.

You want a team of star employees. You know, the ones that boost morale and make sure every customer gets the best product and service and feels appreciated.

Great employees ensure your company’s long-term success by creating loyal customers and contributing to a culture that fuels your business. As the owner, you sleep a lot better.

Each member of your dream team is worth their weight in gold.

When it comes to hiring, your competitors probably use training and past industry experience as screening tools. Take a page out of Althea’s Footwear Solutions’ playbook and look instead for people who fit your culture like a glove.

Things you can train someone to do: follow procedures, acquire technical skills. Qualities that are NOT trainable: integrity, compassion, a positive attitude and common sense.

Althea Schlumpf and Jim Schmoker, Althea’s Footwear Solutions’ leadership team, have a life-changing offer on the table (as of fall 2019). FREE TUITION, TRAVEL EXPENSES AND AN IN-HOUSE MENTOR for two as-yet-to-be hired employees to become Certified Pedorthists.* The company offers benefits, including a family atmosphere.

On a growth path, Althea’s Footwear Solutions is limited by its need for more professionals. The current team is willing to tough it out and wait for the right people to join them. They realize an extra body isn’t going to move the needle in terms of workload or capacity for new clients.

That’s a sign of a stellar team dedicated to the company’s success—which of course keeps each team member on a successful career path, too.

This is a great lesson for all of us! Sacrifice now for the long-term and put your money where your future is.

Know anyone looking for a rewarding career in a growing company with a great atmosphere? Shoot me an email (beth@bdubrelations.com) or message me on Facebook and I’ll connect you with Althea’s Footwear Solutions.

*Certified Pedorthist = foot specialist trained to assess and recommend solutions for people with unique and health-related foot problems

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