Stylists are in-demand. Paroba College is ready to train them.

Innovation within your business comes from conviction about its strengths and dedication to solving a problem.

We Run Clean has been cosmetology school Paroba College’s motto for years. Running clean means do it right, go by the rules or change them, be honest and fair, practice safety in all things.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a better decision-making filter at this particular point in time!

Mary Kay Jurovcik, VP of Operations and co-owner of Paroba College, applies the We Run Clean approach to all their reopen planning (we’re still in Phase One of our state’s coronavirus stay-home order). This fully accredited school is ready with all the staff and client safety procedures—and paperwork—for when Washington State gives the go-ahead. The entire staff is excited to get current students back to school—and train new ones for a rewarding career.

Turns out, there’s a long-standing shortage of cosmetologists, barbers and estheticians. Due to the pandemic there are thousands of displaced customer service workers looking for a new career.

Paroba College has it figured out: how to safely address customers’ beauty needs, how to further ramp up between-client cleaning and how to train professionals to accomplish all that without missing a beat.

Establishing an approach that every staff person knows how to implement, like We Run Clean, is a smart way to run any business. You never know what the next challenge will be. With everyone on the team using the same approach, your path to solving dilemmas is smoother because your focus remains within your business’ native strengths.

Learn more about Paroba College and share with any struggling artists and hospitality folks.

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