Walk backwards in your customers’ shoes before marching forward

Introducing a product innovation takes deep consideration of all the ways customers will be impacted—positive and negative.

Education company The 2 Sisters planned two years in advance so it could align every product and service with the introduction of new tools for teaching literacy.

It started in 2017 with an outline for The CAFE Book, Expanded Second Edition, a comprehensive update on one of its best-selling classroom instruction books. Walking backwards from the new material, the company identified all the ways educators using its teaching methods might need support. While the authors worked on the book, the rest of the company worked on ways to make it easy for teachers to integrate the recommended new practices into their classrooms.

  • New articles and classroom materials on the company’s flagship website
  • A revamped online conferring notebook site, reflecting the book’s new content plus new functionality
  • Option for teachers to stick with the original online notebook until familiar with the new technology
  • Training, online and in-person, to help teachers benefit from the changes
  • Communications directing clients and potential clients to the new resources and supports

Distribution of the new book is slated for November 2019. The companion conferring notebook website is planned for launch on October 12, giving teachers the opportunity to review the new site and get an advanced look at new content from the book. Communications to The 2 Sisters community started on September 10, with in-depth information about what’s different, what’s new and what supports are available.

Customers will experience ONE change—a shift inspired by teaching innovations helping them create more student success. This is so much easier on the customer than putting them through what could have been FOUR OR MORE incremental changes!

Honoring customers is always a smart brand strategy!

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